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July 18, 2020 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. PDT



Saturday July 18  10am – 12:30pm PST

Have you been feeling like you’re supposed to be doing something different but don’t know what that is… Yet? Do you know what your passion is but aren’t feeling inspired to share it?

This is what I’ve been hearing in my online groups, over and over again. Well, I can’t take the social worker out of me. I see a need and I try to fill it. I’m an intuitive, energy, and sound healer. Here is something I created just for you: A workshop that will help you share yourself with the world while bringing you deep satisfaction. I use many modalities including the vibrational power of intentional music with gongs, bowls, chimes, and flutes from a 100-piece Native collection.

Visioning Your Future includes: Healing music for the group, personal healing, and intentional music for each individual, guided journeys, interactive processes, journal writing, and short, active intentional breaks away from your computer screen!

You will also receive: Recordings of the performances of your personal healing and your personal visioning songs and a command of many practical steps that lead to your fulfilling new life.

My Music and Messages establish a foundation, a positive energy field upon which you can create your New Normal, Your New World. You can dream with abandon, selecting the people, places and things you want in Your Future.

I’m grateful to my chosen work in music and healing. It’s placed me ahead of this curve. I can show you the way to knowing your purpose. I can offer you the healing vibrations, intuitive messages and music that will open you to Hearing your guidance Earlier, with more Clarity. You may be right in front of that door, not quite ready or able to open it. This workshop will help you do that. The attached flyer will give you an idea of my credentials, the people that endorse my work. You’ll recognize some of the names.

I’ve limited the workshop to 12 people (4 are already gone) so I can give you more personal attention and include lots of personal healing and visioning music for each of you. I am offering a Unique Sliding Scale to support those that might be experiencing financial challenges during this time. Pay what you can from $20-$200. If you can pay near the top, that will help the whole. If you can’t, still come. I trust it will balance out, that I will be compensated in a way that feels good to all parties.

The workshop is from 10am to 12:30pm PDT. There will be 2 intentional breaks away from your computer screen that are in alignment with the workshop goals.

REGISTRATION: 4 seats are already taken and I just opened up registration. If this workshop calls to you, or if you know someone that might also benefit, please secure the spaces early and register now:

First go to the link: Make your payment choosing an amount in the sliding scale from $20-$200. Mention the workshop in the comments section. We will receive notification of your payment and you will be sent the Zoom link as well as other Registration Information. If you have any questions, please email: